Guitar Tones Used in Week 2

Chris Learns Guitar

I’m not sure if it’s that interesting, but I spent a while researching each guitarist involved and using approximate plugins and VSTs for amps and pedals where I could. Then tweaked things.  So these are the settings used:

Riff 1 – Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin

The JCM900 amp VST from SimulAnalog with the following settings:

Riff 2 – New York City Cops by The Strokes

The Rednef Twin (Fender) from SimulAnalog with these settings

And the Boss SD-1, also from SimulAnalog:

Riff 3 – Satisfaction by The Rolling stones

This time we have the pedal first, then the amp.  Firstly, again, the trusty SimulAnalog Boss SD-1

Then looking up, I found that he used Mesa Boogie amps, so apparently settled on some mismatch cabinets.

Riff 4 – My Generation by The Who

A pretty raw amp sound on this, so just the JCM900 again with these settings:

Riff 5 – The Peter Gunn Theme

There’s a lack of conclusive evidence to how this sound was achieved, so I kinda just went a bit weird here, feeling it would fit the song and make the guitar stand out against the backdrop. Or some such wank.

So we’re talking a Fender Deluxe – Tweed Champ, supplied by the JS Covolution Amp/Cab modeller.

Then the Oberheim PS-1 (Phaser stompbox) from SimulAnalog, because why the fuck not?

Is this sort of article in any way useful? Please leave a comment if it is. Although please leave a comment also if it’s bollocks and they sound like shit 🙂

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