Understanding Solar Guitars


Ever since Ola Englund launched his own line of guitars after leaving Washburn I was hooked. One thing I struggle with is understanding the ranges, perhaps I’m an idiot? But why not write it down so I can go back to it.

As I write at the end of 2020 there are four basic shapes.

double cut (A, AB, S and SB) . As far as I can tell the A series are alder with more contours, the S series seem to have fewer contours but with a mahogany body and a fancy top.
single cut (G) – a classic shape but with a few modern appointments and a 6 in a line headstock
explorer style (E) – A more modern eye catching beveled style
V style (V) – More Jackson than Gibson

In terms of pickup they all seem to be Duncan Solar pickups in either humbucker or rail format.   A couple of artist models have branded pickups in them.

So how’s that naming work?

We start with the model type, A, S, E, G or V.
There might be a sub-model code included like the G series are GC or GF, F being Floyd but I’m not sure about the C.
The S and A types could be followed with a B for bolt-on neck.

After that we have a number, 1 or 2. 1 is better than 2. 1 models come with upgrades like locking tuners, stainless steel frets and perhaps fancier bridge options like the EverTune.

After the full stop what do we have? Another number, pretty much the number of strings.

Next, confusingly, if it’s a Floyd Rose we get told with the letters FR (but no other bridge types get this treatment) and some letters depending on the colour some examples including
AN = Aged Natural
BOP = Black Open Pore
LB = Lime Burst
AB = Amber Burst

And that’s pretty much it. Some artist models might have extra bits bolted on.

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