Introducing Franklyn Guitars

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My focus of late has been to build a guitar brand with it’s own models and designs. I feel that focussing of a specific offering is more helpful to a potential Franklyn Guitars guitar owner than a blank canvas*

So we’re starting off with the Skybeam model, my take on a double cutaway twin humbucker electric guitar.

I’ll write more about the company and the models later and why I couldn’t spell Franklin properly and call it Franklin Guitars.

* That said, anyone is free to come at me with their own ideas!

Squier Bullet vs Affinity vs Standard Stratocasters (2017)


I’m making this post for my own benefit as much as for anyone else.  I get confused over which is which in the model line up. Some brands try to make it easier – one day I WILL decode the Pacifica numbering – but with names it’s less easy. Especially when they are so close in price that a variance between shops can put a lesser model at the same price as a higher one.