Chris Learns Guitar – Weeks 7 & 8

Chris Learns Guitar

Two weeks in the making because – life. This is me playing the rhythm and bass parts from Terrorvision’s Celebrity Hit List. Playing to the best of my ability, at least.

A childhood favourite of mine and a riff that never leaves my head for too long off the album Regular Urban Survivors. I’ve seem them do this twice live. Once in 1996 at the Brixton Academy and then again, 13 years later, in Oxford at the O2 Academy there.

The guitar is recorded on the single coil by accident, not the rails, alas. The original would have been the humbuckers of a Gibson Les Paul. However I hope I beefed it up with VST plugins of the Marshall JCM900, Ibanez Tube Screamer and Boss DS-1 – all from the amazing free set from SimulAnalog.

Playing with artifical double tracking for the first time, the guitar is also going through Vacuumsound’s ADT plugin. Which works well on the single note part, but might be a bit woolly on the power chords.

The bass is played through a simulated Mesa Boogie Clean head with simulated matchless Chieftain cab (by Convolution?)

I play to return to this one day when I’ll be brave enough to add the lead parts and maybe even singing (or perhaps not!) 🙂

Thanks for getting this far. Now an outline of the tab:

1) Intro x 4

2) Chorus (Guitar)
   A  F# E D 

2) Chorus (Bass)
3) Repeat intro x2 
4) First Verse                                         (2nd time) 
   (palm mute extra notes)                   (2nd time) 
(5) Chorus 
(6) Verse 
(7) Chorus 
(8) Bridge 
   A  C  D  F, A  C  D  F E F E F E F E 
(9) Solo backing 
G|---------------|    G|------2--3-2---| 
D|---------------|    D|-2--5--------5-| 
A|------0--1-0---|    A|---------------| 
E|-0--3--------3-|    E|---------------| 
       x4                     x4
(7) Chorus 
(8) Bridge 
(9) First part of solo x2, then second part x1, then A5 power chord

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