Warman Guitars G-rail Hybrid pickup


After leaving my Yamaha 120SD with just one pickup, I decided it was time to expand the offering of what the single bridge pickup could offer.  I had to remove the neck pickup and fill the cavity with a wooden block because there was a split in the body causing the neck to bend. 

After pondering my options – the first being another humbucker, but one I could coil split – I started to get more adventurous and wondered if I could cram in two single coil pickups into the single cavity, or possibly even two lots of rails. Then I thought, what about if someone’s invented a quadbucker! It seems they have, but not called that. So I was all set to buy one and see about getting it installed. Until a forum post let me to the G-Rail from Warman. The novelty alone struck me as a good idea, but it idea of having a true single coil as well as the rails sold me on it.

So  I got one and fitted it, see the following video to see that process.

[insert video here when complete]

The result is perfect! From the second I strung up the guitar and started playing I was in love with the guitar again. The single coil was all harsh and clangy, the rails warm and full. The middle position I wasn’t sure about, it seems like the two are negating each other out of phase or something? It sounds like it, especially when I compare it to Prince playing When You Were Mine. It’ll give me an excuse to learn some different song styles.

To hear a variety of sounds from the pickup see the following video I’ve prepare to demonstrate.

The pickup is available straight from Warman or they sell them on eBay.

I was going to try to draw a wiring diagram, but actually if you cross reference the two following diagrams it would probably be less misleading.

Warman’s Website

You’ll just need to relate the colours to Warman’s instructions. Then not make the mistake I did assuming coil 1 was the single coil and wire it upside down 🙂

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