Introducing Franklyn Guitars

Guitars, Luthier

My focus of late has been to build a guitar brand with it’s own models and designs. I feel that focussing of a specific offering is more helpful to a potential Franklyn Guitars guitar owner than a blank canvas*

So we’re starting off with the Skybeam model, my take on a double cutaway twin humbucker electric guitar.

I’ll write more about the company and the models later and why I couldn’t spell Franklin properly and call it Franklin Guitars.

* That said, anyone is free to come at me with their own ideas!

Pine Guitar Challenge 2020


I’ve got something in me that wants to build a series of guitars out of one type of wood (in start contrast of the the monstrosity I’m making for the Great Guitar Build Off 2020 out of everything). So when Tomster from IP Guitars announced he and a friend were doing a pine guitar challenge I thought I’d like a piece of that action and invited myself to join in.

I never expected it to stretch over 9 long videos!

What we ended up with was a guitar with a pine body, a pine neck and a pine fretboard. From firewood, an old desk and a floor board respectively.

Months later, despite having a few truss rod tweaks, we have a guitar that I’m still playing on a daily basis. Yay for pine 🙂